Watch Zola, the Gorilla Breakdancing in Dallas Zoo


    In the scorching heat of summers, we all love to swim and splash in pool’s water. There is someone else who adores splashing and swirling in the water. A video, recently shared by the Primate Supervisor Ashley Orr of Dallas Zoo, has caused sensation on the internet. This dancing gorilla is 14 years old Zola. Zola has always been a great lover of spending time in water splashing, spinning and dancing.

    As the video of gorilla in pool was shared, it became internet sensation and got thousands of views within a few hours. It is just amazing to see a gorilla twirling and enjoying in the water. This is not the first clip of the dancing gorilla. Previously, we have seen Zola (in 2011) dancing in The Calgary Zoo in another video. Just take a sneak peak of both videos of gorilla dancing to maniac.

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    Video of Zola back in 2011

    Recent video of gorilla dancing in pool