Zayn Malik’s Birthday Kiss for Gigi Hadid


    ‘Happy birthday Gigi, happy birthday Gigi’, that is the line that Gigi Hadid would be hearing on 23 April from all around. It’s Gigi Hadid’s 22 birthday. And her close friend and family have made this day even more special. An image posted by Gigi on her Instagram shows boyfriend Zayn Malik kissing Gigi Hadid. The romantic image is making quite waves all around.

    Zayn Malik Kissing Gigi Hadid

    As the image shows, Gigi seems quite happy holding that yummilicious peach colored birthday cake. And boyfriend Zayn is kissing the birthday girl (Gigi seems to be flying high). Check out the picture here. It’s really cute.


    Family Wishes for Gigi Hadid’s Birthday

    This is not all, her family members like mother Yolanda Foster/ Yolanda Hadid and sister Bella Hadid too shared some childhood memories of her and wished her in the most beautiful way. let’s have a look.

    Birthday wish by Bella Hadid

    “Happy birthday to my best friend FOR F**king LIFE!!! My role model! My person. I feel so lucky every day to call you my sister,… “I didn’t know anyone could be so generous, smart, funny, talented, hardworking, artistic, loving, respectful AND beautiful all at the same damn time!!! You make me laugh until I pee and even when I don’t want to smile, you are just about the only person that can make me.”

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    Yolanda Foster’s Wish

    Read on to know the beautiful words, Gigi Hadid’s mother has used with a childhood image of Gigi Hadid posted on Instagram.

    “Happy birthday my sweet Angel…… I pray that each day Love, Health and Happiness will come your way,” she continued, “I’am so proud of the human being that you are and grateful to experience this journey of life with you every day through the good and the bad. May all your dreams come true this coming year and let it be filled with joy and laughter.”