A Worm that Looks Like a Penis


A worm discovered in deep Australian abyss is quite similar in look to a penis. Anyone who would look at it, would definitely take it as a penis in the first glance. This creature is not the only marine species that looks like a penis. There are several other resembling penises.

Another Great Discovery by RV Investigators

This particular creature is discovered by the same team of Australian researchers (RV Investigators) who have already introduced the world with the bizarre looking faceless fish.

Penis-like Worm

According to the explorers, ocean is enriched with unusual and unique sea creatures. This particular marine life form is named ‘Sipuncula’ and ‘Peanut Worm’. It is given the name of Peanut worm because when contracted, this worm looks quite similar to a peanut. These sea worms are capable of reproducing sexually and asexually.

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