Meet the Winner Martha, the Ugliest Dog of 2017


    I have been in Petaluma, California this Friday evening. Do you know why? Just to be a part of the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest (though I have my own, a pretty one). I was so curious to know who was going to be the ugliest dog of 2017. There were about 14 dogs who participated in ugly dog contest 2017 and it was no surprise to see the winner. Read on to find who was crowned as the ugliest dog.

    It was Martha (a dog participant), the gassy Neapolitan Mastiff. Weighing around 125-pound, Martha attended the ugly dog contest with her handler Shirley Zindler. Martha was so interesting to watch from the very beginning and audiences were quite liking her sluggish and lethargic body language. She seemed to have no interest in what was going on around. Besides winning a glitzy trophy, Martha the ugly dog won $1,500. No, that is not it, the dog was also given invitation to a trip, all the way to New York where it would be appearing in front of media, cameras and flashlights (I am sure Martha would hate that). Martha had a tragic past. She had to go through a number of surgeries to save her eyes.

    ugliest dog contest winner
    source: USA Today

    Who are the Runners up of Ugliest Dog Contest?

    Moe is a Brussels Griffon-pug mix. It was a 16 years old dog. It stood second in the contest. Chase who came third, is a 14-year-old dog of Chinese Crested-Harke mix breed.

    Look at the image of Moe, the first runner up below.

    ugly dog contest 2017
    source: sonomanews


    Here is Chase, the second runner up;

    ugly dog contest 2017
    source: sonomanews

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