Why Temporary Lip Fillers Are Good Choice


These days girls like to have more pouty lips getting inspiration from the celebrities like Angelina Jolie or Kylie Jenner. Lip fillers are quite a common practice these days. Girls are going for Lip fillers of both types, the temporary lip enhancement and permanent lip augmentation. Even the reality tv star like Kylie Jenner has admitted the fact that she uses temporary lip fillers to enhance the beauty and shape and to get that plumpy pout. Here is what she has to say, “I have temporary lip fillers, It’s just an insecurity of mine, and it’s what I wanted to do.”

What are Temporary Lip Fillers or Lip Augmentation

Temporary lip fillers are the safer one as it has hardly any side effects. Even experienced dermatologists and plastic surgeons recommend temporary lip fillers. Temporary lip fillers is hyaluronic acid (HA) and the most suitable one is Restylane. HA is the temporary lip filler and if you do not like the shape or size of your lips after using HA, you can at once remove it by injecting an eraser enzyme called hyaluronidase. This enzyme has the ability to dissolve the filler immediately.

If you are ready for this lip augmentation procedure, you must have around $500 to $2,000 in USA. The price may vary with region and dermatologist. HA fillers may last from 4 to 6 months. You can get it done again and again if you like your lips filled. This whole procedure of temporary lip augmentation takes 15 to 20 minutes. And you have also the option of getting your lips numbed before injecting the filler into the lips. Otherwise it’s a matter of a pinch.The Real World Image | Temporary Lip Fillers

What to Avoid?

There are a few urgent precautions that one must take after getting your temporary lip filler.

Stop taking painkillers, fish oil and vitamin E at least ten days before the process of lip augmentation. As all these items tend to thin the blood.

People with the history of cold sores should take extra precautions before going for temporary lip enhancement. A cold sore could be appeared after being injected. So get prior advise on it.

Do not exercise for a couple of days. Avoid practices that increase the blood flow towards the face like facial or any kind of massage.

Only choose some expert dermatologist or experienced plastic surgeon. Do not go for any other person. These days every other person with less experience or expertise is doing this lip augmentation for earning. So be careful.

After the lip enhancement is done, there might be blood clots or bruises. Its natural. Nothing to worry about. You can get medical assistance on it as well.

No Regrets in Temporary Lip Fillers

At the end, I would say that temporary lip augmentation is far better and safer than the permanent lip filling. You can get the procedure undone any time you wish and your lips would be back to the normal like before.