What is Frozen Dead Guy Days Festival In Colorado


    People in Nederland, Colorado wished to have a theme for their annual spring festival in 2002. And some one suggested to name it Frozen Dead Guy Days Festival. Each year 8,9 and 10th of March, people come to this small and cold town in Colorado to have fun and participate in many interesting activities like, coffin race, Parade of Hearses, Ice Turkey Bowling, Tuff Shed, frozen t-shirt contests, snowy beach volleyball, and the Salmon Toss.

    Not only locals, but people from other places do come here to have fun in Frozen Dead Guy Days Festival. In 2015, around 15,000 people participated in the spring festival. The festival is said to boost the economy of the small town greatly. As the sales graph is lowered in winter normally, this festival attracts tourists and as a result it stabilizes the economy here.

    frozen dead guy days festival
    Coffin Race in Spring Festival

    Strange Facts Behind The Name

    Why the spring festival was named so strangely? The story goes back to 1989. A Norwegian man, Bredo Morstoel died at the age of 89. His grandson Trygve Bauge wished to keep his granpa Bredo Morstoel preserved in cryonic state. In Bauge views, one day technology would be able to bring his grandpa back to life from this cryonic state. The body of grandpa is covered in the blanket, laid under the ice bricks. No one has seen the body after the day it got cryonic.

    frozen dead guy days festival
    Grandpa Morstoel

    Trygve Bauge shipped grandpa’s body to San Francisco to temporarily keep in a cryonics facility. On the other hand Bauge was busy building his very own cryonics facility. Nothing was completed yet, when Bauge and his mother were deported from US as the visas were expired. So they had to leave Nederland, leaving grandpa’s body behind in the mid of 1990’s.

    The body of grandpa Morstoel was still in Nederland. His grandson hired a man whose duty was to keep the suitable temperature for the body i.e -60 degrees Fahrenheit. And arrange the ice for granpa. And the man gets paid for the duty.

    frozen dead guy days festival
    Cryonic Body of Grandpa

    Finally the local government made some changes in the law and let the body of grandpa Morstoel rest in the shed on the hill. Maybe some day the cryonics of his grandson (he is working on) get success to bring grandpa Morstoel back to life.

    frozen dead guy days festival
    Grandson Trygve Bauge

    That is when the locals were suggesting names for spring festival, they thought of this strange preserved body under the ice cubes, and named the annual event as Frozen Dead Guy Days Festival.