What is Earth Day and Why to Celebrate it?


    Earth day is not just like any other day that we celebrate. It genuinely is a day with a purpose. A purpose that is beneficial not just for one country or state but for the wellbeing of the whole world.  This annual event is observed on 22 April each year in about 193 countries across the globe. This tradition started in 1970 in US, when thousands of people protested across the country against environmental deterioration. Its main purpose is to create an awareness among people for protecting their environment and their planet earth.

    Why We Need to Celebrate Earth Day?

    It is significant because with each passing day, we humans are damaging our planet in an array of ways. These may include—pollution, cutting of trees, hunting animals, toxic dumps, pesticides, oil spills, lack of forests and many more. All of it has damaged our planet immensely, leaving us at the constant risk of destruction. [Read here: What is Earth Hour?]

    What Google Doodle has to Say on Earth Day 2017?


    Each year, google doodle brings some thought provoking messages for keeping the users aware of the possible risks, our planet is facing. Let’s have a look at what google doodle’s message is for earthday 2017. This year a fox is illustrating different scenarios that earth has to face. As the fox sleeps, a nightmare haunts it with the visions about the destruction of the planet, in a number of ways like dead planets, icebergs melted and other climate changes. To deal with such situations, the fox along with its two other friends opt for a number of earth day activities that are good for our planet in the long run. Simply put, this year the fox is here to share some really nice earth day tips. Some best suggestions this year by google itself are;

    • Save energy
    • Opt for plantation
    • Don’t drive
    • Prefer solar energy


    What is March of Science?

    Today on the eve of Earth day, scientists and other people belonging to different fields of life are gearing up for the March of Science. The purpose is simply to create awareness. To know more about march of science, read here.

    Conclusion: We all can be a significant part of Earth day celebration and bring some good for our planet. No matter where you are, don’t forget to play your part in earth day celebration. Happy Earth Day!