Watch Five Planets Align In A Rare Celestial Show


These are the exact days when you have this rare opportunity of witnessing five famous five planets of our galaxy Mercury, Mars, Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter will be visible to the naked human eye. Yeah! strange but true. This rare cosmic event has already happened in January 2005. The cosmic phenomenon happens once in a decade.

How to Watch the Celestial Show

The celestial show is started on 20th January 2016 and will be on till 20th February. You do not need any telescope to experience this celestial rarity. Just wake up early (quite) in the morning just 45 minutes before breaking of the dawn. The all five planets will be lighting up in the south eastern sky.

The brightest of the all in the rare cosmic event will be Venus and Jupiter. The visibly lined up stars can easily be enjoyed on some higher place where no tall buildings or trees are to distract your view. Or you can travel to some country area to enjoy the cosmic show.

The space scientists say that people from all over the world can get guidance from the moon to view this planet show from 28 Jan to 7 Feb. 5th February will be the day to watch these aligned planets clearly from moon’s side towards horizon.