Visitor Attractions in Western Australia


    Western Australia is well-known for its amazing and wonderful rock formations.These rocks are millions of years old. They have such shapes and sizes that really amaze the tourists. A few years back, these rocks were not so commonly known but now the adventurers have discovered many of them and they have become signature images of Australia.


    This is a huge wave-shaped rock located in the east of the small town, named Hayden, in western Australia. According to an estimation, this wave rock was formed about 60 million years ago. The whole rock is made-up of granite. It is now a very well known tourist spot of Western Australia and around 140,000 tourists visit this stupendous place every year. The wave-shaped rock is about 15 m (50 ft) high and around 110 m (350 ft) long. There is not much information regarding the human history surrounding this rock, but the analysis of the stones and relics, by the geologists, determine the existence of Aborigines before it was discovered by Europe.


    This rock formation is quite closely located to the Wave Rock in western Australia. The fact that distinguishes it is its unique shape.If you see it, watching it will make you realize that looks like a yawning hippo.And that is why it is named The Hippo’s Yawn. This rock is about 12.6 meters high. Because of its uniqueness, it is now a hot tourist’s spot in western Australia.

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    Hippo’s Yawn Western Australia


    Like other places discussed above, this area remained hidden from the outside world for along time. It was in 1960’s when it started to get revealed to the world. Now the area is visited by 250,000 visitors each year. The place is a natural wonder and if you really wish to go there, I suggest the months from August to October. To get real enjoyment, view these pinnacles early in the morning or late afternoon, the formations of the shadows create a treat for your eyes. There are animals too in this area. You can see kangaroos and emus during day time.

    western australia
    Pinnacles Desert Western Australia