Video of a Dragon Flying in China Real or a Hoax?


When we talk of dragons, the first thing that comes in our minds is Chinese folk lore. Chinese mythology is incomplete without dragons. There are long tales about dragons as a powerful mythical creature. We don’t now whether they ever existed or not. Recently, a footage of a mysterious dragon flying over China mountain range have surfaced on the web. It has started a long debate.

The video is posted on a YOUTUBE channel APEX TV. With about 200,000 views, it has started a never ending discussion. There are some who have instantly rejected this video as fake. According to many, why the dragon in the mobile phone camera is clear and the background  is blurry? Just question, I must say. There is no reason of a blurred background.

The second school of thought is showing interest in the video’s authenticity. To them, it’s the approval of the Chinese mythology and the long lost stories of the dragons. In their view, the dragon flying in the footage over a mountain range of China is very much real.

Some readers are narrating this footage as some scientific conspiracy theory. To them, the dragon flying is actually some kind of drone, being used for the purpose of spying. (we can’t rule out this option, as drones of latest designs are a reality today).

To some, it’s not a dragon but another mythical creature of China, a flying dinosaur or a pterodactyl (a creature extincted about 66 million years ago). According to Apex TV, this footage was shot on the mountain range on the border of China and Laos.

We are not here to decide whether the dragon flying over the mountains of China is real or hoax. All we want is to share an interesting story with our readers. Do let us know with your views on it. Here’s the video. Look closely and decide it for yourself!!!