Unbelievably True Bizarre Medical Tales


Each day so many amazing things are happening around us. Some are famous and some do not get hype on social media. Here I have compiled few bizarre medical tales.

Tree Man

The first of bizarre medical tales is of a man Dede Koswara inhabitant of Indonesia had an inherited kin disorder named as Lewandowsky-Lutz dysplasia. Due to the disease knotted lumps started growing all over his body. It was unmanageable and grew mostly around his feet and hands. His wife left him because illness caused him to quit his job and faced financial problems. When he was seen in media many funds were given to him, and he started his treatment and more than eight kilograms of warts were removed from his body. It was told that Koswara’s got injury (a knee cut) in his fifteens. A strain of human papillomavirus (HPV) affected him, and, resulted in the growths called cutaneous. Now after the surgeries he is perfectly all right.

The Real World Image | Tree Man

Pregnant Man

A man got pregnant!!  Thomas Beatie of Oregon, USA became the focus of attention when he took a decision to carry his child in still-functioning womb when he came to know that his wife is not able to have a baby due to a hysterectomy. The reality is that Beatie was born a women but underwent gender reversal surgery and converted into male legally and did not removed his female organs in the case ever he intend to carry a child. He himself wrote an article about his pregnancy in the Advocate “Sterilization is not a requirement for sex reassignment, so I decided to have chest reconstruction and testosterone therapy but kept my reproductive rights. Wanting to have a biological child is neither a male nor female desire, but a human desire.” A baby girl was born on June, 2008. After that he gave birth to two more sons.

bizaare medical tales
Thomas Beatie

Self-Caesarian Sections

This bizarre medical tale is about a lady who had her delivery by herself. In Rio Tales a lady Ines Ramires Perez is a peasant who has the honor to be the first women on the planet to do self delivery. She was expecting eighth child, and was alone in her cabin when felt pain and when it became intolerable she delivered the baby herself. (Though she did not have any medical training and mid wife was very far from her and she couldn’t have the stamina to wait long). She drank a bottle of alcohol to numb her pain and took a 15 cm long kitchen knife and made 17cm long cut in her abdomen and pulled the baby out of her uterus by cutting the umbilical cord with scissors. After the long duration, and terrible operation she got unconscious. After waking up she covered the body with clothes and got up with the help of 6 year old son. She was taken to hospital after 16 hours and there underwent some treatment. It was remarkable to know that she was even discharged from the hospital after 10 days after full recovery. Her baby is also healthy and living a healthy life.

Artistic Mind

A lady named as Sandy Allen had a tumor in her left temporal lobe. She had an operation and her life was saved when surgeons removed the infected part of the side. During her healing she felt some changes in herself like development of passion in arts. She started taking art therapy sessions. According to the experts it was because the part removed from her brain was analytical center that handles logic was badly affected and the other part started “taking over” which is the emotional and creative center of the brain. As Allen jokingly puts it, “It’s like I’ve had my inhibitions surgically removed.” Due to the passion her home is now an art studio with painted and collaged walls.


In Huancayo, Peru, a mermaid baby was born on April 27, 2004 named as Milagros Cerron. It was found that she had a Sirenomalia disorder due to which her legs were merged from the heels up to the groin. Besides this her kidney was deformed, and she had the one tube for digestion, urine and genital tracts. Strange thing is that baby survived with the disorder, which is an exceptional case. She have had a successful surgery by Dr. Luis Rubio.

bizarre medical tales
Milagros Cerron

Baby Allergy

How can a mother stay away from her child? But it happened with a 28 year old Joane Mackie who was allergic to her own son. When she gave birth to baby she caught a skin disease named as Pemphigoid Gestationis. The disease made her allergic to the baby and developed skin complaints and severe painful swelling. She said that the blisters were so agonizing that she was not capable to hold her baby without covering her arms with wet towel to be protected. Doctors said that the disorder occurs one in 50,000 pregnancies, in which blisters are caused when antibodies protecting placenta become perplexed and attack the skin.In an interview Mackie told that “At first, when I was told I was allergic to my own baby I thought it was some sort of joke,” “But when it sank in I was totally devastated. It felt like my world had caved in. It was such a heartbreaking time. I had to watch while my husband gave our son his first bath. And in those first few weeks when James cried I had to watch as my husband picked him up to comfort him instead of me.” She started the treatment that made her able to hold the son. “I have been told there is  95 percent chance I will get this in my next pregnancy and this time the doctors say it could affect the baby. I am not sure I could put myself through it all again,” said Mackie. “But I have learned that a cuddle from your own child is the most precious thing in the world. Now I can cradle my little lad, its heaven. I never want to let him go.”

Situs Inversus

Its another great one of shockingly bizarre medical tales. Ashok Shivnani of India has a strange story. It was found that he had 7cm long tumor in his right kidney. He was about to undergo an operation when doctors came to know that he had a disorder called situs inyersus which was inherited. It was discovered that the arrangement of his organs is back to front (mirror image of a normal person). When he had Echocardiogram, it showed that the aorta and inferior vena cava and many other organs and blood vessels were upturned.Dr Anoop Ramani (operation supervisor) said that “When I first saw the reports, I actually thought I was holding them wrong. Along with the reversed position of the aorta and IVC, the scans also showed that Shivnani had a second IVC coming out from the tumour-infected kidney, which joined the original IVC at the bottom of his abdomen. It would have been most difficult to proceed with the surgery under these circumstances,”

Face Transplant

You can look young at the age of 60’s as well. Here is the proof, Isabelle Dinoire of Valenciennes, France had a dog attack and her face was disfigured. She had a surgery on November 27, 2005, at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Nord in Amiens; France that was done by Dr. Bernard Devauchelle and team. In the operation a triangular piece of face tissue containing nose and mouth was attached to the victims face. A tissue was taken from a brain of a dead female donor. In order to prevent the rejection of the tissue patient was given the bone marrow and suppressants. After couple of years her face recovered amazingly.

Tree in Lung

Another odd medical story is about a 28 year old guy Artyom Sidorkin. Initially he used to have severe chest pain, due to the reason he underwent some tests. Doctors in Izhevsk in the Urals, Russia, were shocked to find that a tree branch was growing inside his lungs. Surgeon, Vladimir Kamashev, took part of the man’s lung for a biopsy. Dr. Kamashev recalled: “I thought I was hallucinating; I asked my assistant to have a look: ‘Come and see this — we’ve got a fir tree here.’ He nodded in shock. I blinked three times as I was sure I was seeing things.” According to the doctors the patient might have eaten a seed, which was dumped into his lungs tissues; it germinated in the body and grew until it started touching the capillaries in the tissues. Sidorkin said that “It was very painful. But to be honest, I did not feel any foreign object inside me,” “I’m so relieved it’s not cancer.”


There is a disorder in which one cannot recognize voice of other people. It is Phonagnosia. The disordered people can have the face to face communication but they are unable to recognize the people when it’s through the telephone. It happens to the people who got some injury or a stroke in the brain. An exceptional case occurred in 2009, that Neuropsychologia featured a case study of a lady named as KH reported that she caught the disorder by birth. She said that she could not recognize the voices.According to Dr. Brad Duchaine “ Voice recognition may not seem as important as face recognition, given that failing to recognize someone in front of you can cause much more social anxiety than not recognizing them over the phone. Yet we rely on voice recognition in our day-to-day lives, to identify people on the phone or those speaking on the radio.” KH told that as the problem is with her from earlier stages so she avoids talking on the phone. Only “scheduled” calls were attended so that she will always know the person calling her.