Two Teens Went Missing in Catacombs of Paris


We all know Paris for its beauty and romance. But there is something else that is not that alluring as the two previous qualities. Paris does own an ‘empire of the dead’ or more famously known, ‘the Paris Catacombs’. A historical burial site of 18th century.

What are Paris Catacombs?

Built in 18th century, Paris catacombs is a long and vast burial site with lines of bones and skeletal structures of the dead.  This city of dead is located under the romantic city of Paris (did you know that?). Stretched on around an area of 250 Km., it has the storage of the remains of about 6 million people. People are allowed to come and visit only a restricted area of this historical yet creepy place. It is so big that you can easily get lost in the maze of bones placed all around. Veering off your path is considered illegal.

paris catacombs
source: viator

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Two Boys Went Missing in Catacomb

Recently, two teens aging between 16 to 17 were lost in the Paris catacombs. They remained missing for three days. There was no sign of them until the search team landed there along with their rescue dogs. The sniffing talent of the dogs helped the police to find out the lost boys. Both boys are taken to hospital for treating hypothermia. So, next time you visit Paris catacombs, don’t think of roaming around. Just stay in the limits (of the catacomb). Watch the footage of a man who got lost in catacombs of Paris previously.