Trump’s Face Cake Becomes A Funny Meme


    Today 11/09/2016 is important because US has elected a unique president in the history. Donald Trump quite unexpectedly have won the US elections of 2016, and gave a grand surprise to the whole world. Where followers of Hillary Clinton are devastated by the defeat, the followers of Trump have a reason to celebrate. Reportedly, a cake had been brought to Trump’s Tower on Tuesday 10th of Nov. This was not just a cake, it was Trump’s face cake.

    The Trump cake has a terrifying gaze. Baked by Melissa Alt, it took her 50 hours to finish the cake. She has been asked the reason to give the cake this particularly haunting gaze. To which she reacted in these words, “I was just trying to go for his natural pose, so that’s what I got from the photos. I wasn’t trying to make him look sad.”

    As the pictures of the Trump’s face cake gone viral on the web, twitter reacted and many of twitter users took the chance to have some fun by turning the look in funny memes of Trump. While on the other hand, the elections were going on. Here are a few funny memes created out of that original trump cake. Have a look!

    This is not the first time that such funny memes of Trump are going viral. We already have been seeing a warfare of funny pics and memes using trump’s face. Here we have collected the few most hilarious ones, created by unknown people. The purpose is to celebrate Trump’s victory on a funnier and lighter note. Enjoy!!!