Story Behind Trump’s Bodyguard with Fake Arms on Trump’s Inauguration


We like it or not, but we all have seen the inauguration ceremony of the 45th president of USA. He along with his family walked the Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House. Everything was going fab unless some cameras and spectators’ eyes captured a weird activity. One of President Donald Trump’s bodyguard clad in all-black suit with red tie, was walking strangely. I too was quite surprised and told my bro to check Trump’s bodyguard with fake arms.

What!! Fake arms?? That was his first reaction. He didn’t agree with me. But later in the day, there were a few blog posts and news reporting about the same. And finally, my point was proved right, YES! The whole walking session on the parade route took hours in completion, and all through it, there was no movement of even a finger by this secret service agent. How could someone remain in the same posture for so many hours? Quite strange.

Look closely in the image given in the post. The secret service agent seems to have stiff arms that remain in the same immovable position. Here is how people are speculating about it.

Other’s Verdict on Trump’s Bodyguard with Fake Arms

The common viewpoint, shared by most of the people is that the secret service agent is having fake and immovable limbs. He is actually holding a machine gun under his overcoat and his real fingers must be on the trigger. Checkout what a conspiracy blogger writes about it.

After further review of the video and images, the military experts observed that his hands stayed in that exact same position for hours.

“Their conclusion is they believe he had fake arms so he could conceal a fully automatic rifle in the ready position under his coat.

“Numerous members of the military community speculated it was likely a FN-P90 rifle.”