Safety Tips for Facing Tornadoes


Tornadoes are one of the nature’s worst furies mankind has to face.It is so destructive and unimaginably horrible that it’s impossible to prevent or to stop it.But there is the one and only solution and that is to take timely precautions for it.Here are some tips that can be followed to save your life.

Tornado Safety Tips

  • The very first thing is don’t get panic when a tornado strikes. If you are in your senses,this thing can surely save your life.
  • If there is a tornado watch,issued for your city,this means that there is great possibility of striking of a tornado.But if you get to hear a tornado warning,then you must be ready because it means that a tornado has actually been spotted in your area.And now this is the right time to move for a safe shelter.
  • The usual movement of the tornadoes is from southwest to northwest.But they can also move towards the east,the south east,north or northwest.So be prepared for any thing.They can come closer to you from any side.
  • If you are watching the tornado and it is not moving to the right or left to trees or power poles then it means that it would soon be coming towards you.
  • Choose a safe place for you and your family members to face the destructive tornado.And normally the places where tornadoes normally strikes,people should make  basements in their houses.

[Watch here: Man Mowing Lawn in Front of a Tornado]

Some Symptoms of the Weather outside,as tornado approaches

When the tornado is on your head,there would be some visible atmospheric changes that you must know for safety sake.

  • The sky color would turn from blue to greenish black.
  • Hail falling could occur before the striking of  tornado.
  • You would notice a strange and swift rotation of the clouds.
  • A sensational quietness occurs before or after the thunderstorm.
  • When the tornado is at some distance,its sound would be like some waterfall or rushing air but as it comes closer it turns into a roar.But as it strikes the sound would be like railroad trains and jets.
  • Severe and furious dropping of debris would occur.