Toledo, Spain Travel Guide


Toledo a beautiful city of Spain that is best to visit in holidays. Here is a travel guide for Toledo city. As we all know that Spain has a very rich heritage. Various civilizations including Celts, Moors and Romans have influenced the culture of this country. On the other hand nature has blessed Spain with copious natural beauty like vast beaches, tall mountains, and huge lands full of vegetation, great rivers, and much more.

Spain has made every effort to preserve the centuries old buildings which is like a bridge between the modern civilization and the old civilization. There are many places of importance for tourists in almost every city Spain. Toledo is a city in the province of Madrid having so much to offer a tourist that it would make him busy throughout his stay in Spain. Some of the places of importance are given below with a brief introduction:

One who visits Synagogue El Transito which is a very famous museum will be surprised to find how the Jews had influenced life in Spain. This is depicted in the museum inside this Synagogue which was built during the 13th century. Some of the events and festivals which Jews performed along with their lifestyles are all described in the museum inside the Synagogue.

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Taller del Moro is basically a construction carried out by Jews for their place of worship. This is built in conventional Jewish architecture. As the Jews were defeated, this place of worship was converted into a church by an order of the religious heads of Christianity. Even today some of the writings of Hebrew, the most revered writings of Jews are retained and they are available to be seen by the tourist.

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Sinagogue of Saint Maria la Balnca was a Synagogue which now has been converted into a museum of crafts. This museum attracts large number of visitors. The works of craft in pottery have received appreciation from every visitor. The other craft works largely displayed here are the wooden works. Traditional technology used in crafts in pottery and wood is also present here.

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Moreover if you are visiting Toledo then you should plan your visit during the second week of August, because from fifteenth to the twentieth of August every year the most famous Corpus Christi festival is held. People of Toledo perform Easter function with religious dedication. Corpus Chrisiti is one of the most important festivals for the people of Toledo. The roads are beautifully decorated and special services are also held on this occasion.