The Love Witch is here with All her Spells


    The Love Witch is the new X-rated movie that has a lot to offer to those who prefer retro-inspired movies along with the horror elements. This particular movie is set in the background of retro age (1960) where love, passion and sex were the most dominating factors in the glam world.

    Samantha Robinson is the one given the responsibility to sizzle up the screens with her bold performance. Her character in this movie is about a woman who enchants men with her beauty and kills them ultimately. The movie has an interesting plot. [Read here: Dakota Johnson Sizzling Beauty in Fifty Shades Darker]

    Set in the past, each and every detail from set designing to the costumes, makeup and styling, is quite attention seeking. The Love Witch has been released across the cinemas in UK on March 10, 2017. Check out the trailer here.