Strange Light Or UFO Spotted Over Volcano Popocatepetl


A video posted on youtube of a eerie light moving over an active volcano in Mexico has created quite a buzz among the readers. As usual some are claiming it to be fake and some are pretty much convinced of its being a UFO probing the active volcano Popocatepetl in central Mexico.

Volcano Popocatepetl is an active 730,000 years old volcano. This volcano is located in the state of Puebla and Morelos in the Central part of Mexico. There have been many reports of eerie UFO sightings over this volcano in the past years. Jay Matthews, founder of Ufology has also confirmed that countless times UFOs have been spotted around this Volcano Popocatepetl.

This Christmas, webcams in Mexico pictured this bizarre phenomena over Popocatepetl. The volcano is still erupting at the time of filming the UFO.

UFO hunters firmly believe it to be some extraterrestrial object probing or monitoring our planet and skeptics have their own opinion. Like a few are saying it to be some shining Frisbee or a flare of a firework. God knows well. Lets check the video.