Steve Harvey Named Wrong Miss Universe 2015


    Miss Universe 2015 pageant was held on 20 December 2015. All was going well in Miss Universe pageant but in the end Steve Harvey the host of the show made an epic fail in the history of beauty pageant of Miss Universe. Steve Harvey announced the wrong name of the Miss Universe 2015 winner.

    Miss Philippines was the actual winner of Miss Universe contest but Steve Harvey wrongly declared Miss Colombia as Miss Universe 2015. After crowning Miss Colombia, Steve Harvey asked for an apology for the bizarre error he committed.

    Poor Miss Colombia who was over joyous earlier now was stripped of the crown. Never did any such incident had happened in the history of any beauty pageant.

    Later Steve Harvey also apologized on his twitter account calling it an honest mistake.. But he is facing severe criticism from all sides. Whole internet is discussing this “wrong Miss Universe name” event.

    Miss Universe 2015 is Pia Alonzo. Miss Colombia 2015 is Ariadna Gutierrez. Donald Trump suggested that both Miss Philippines and Miss Colombia both should be declared winners. Watch video here.