Sole Passenger Travels in the Philippines Airline Flight


    Alex Simon, 28 is a travel blogger. He had perhaps the most comfortable journey of his life while traveling to island Boracay from Manila. Most interestingly, he had to travel in the private jet for the price of a sole passenger. As no other passenger opted to travel to Boracay island that day.

    Here’s what he felt like, “It was an unforgettable feeling to take a flight to one of the most beautiful islands of the world, but to be alone and to feel like a superstar made it more special,“I just had luck, I think, that no one else was interested on this day to fly to paradise.”

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    He was accompanied by the cabin crew members including, two flight attendants and two pilots. After boarding the flight, he was addressed this way, “you can sit anywhere, because you’re the only passenger”.  ain’t it funny.

    Alex filmed this special journey and cabin crew joyfully assisted him in it. The film was posted online in February 2015.