Sea Turned Red in Faroe Islands after Grindadrap Festival


Grindadrap or Grind Festival is being observed in Faroe Islands since 1584. Grindadrap stands for ‘whale killing’. Unlike various other festivals, this one is celebrated more than once. This whale slaughtering festival is celebrated in the season when pilot whales usually migrate. The sooner these pilot whales are visible, the fishermen try their best to herd them closer to the beachy areas for the final slaughtering session.

Grindadrap Festival 2017

Like each year, this year too, a lot of spectators experienced the bloody beaches on Faroe Islands. Seeing the red sea was a really gruesome experience. All the slaughtered whales and dolphins were lined up on the beach. This brutal killing of the marine creatures is not welcomed by several European countries. That is the very reason why Faroes are not one of the members of EU. Even PETA criticizes this act and conclude it as a ruthless activity against innocent animals. PETA has run a campaign to stop this slaughtering festival.

faroe island
source: RT

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Why Do They Celebrate it?

Though we do not find it appealing, but according to some locals, the whole meat from these pilot whales is distributed among needy and poor people. And that is the reason they indulge in this bloody activity each year. Watch the video.