Rihanna’s Mystery Man Discovered


    We have long been speculating about the singer’s newly found love.  We have seen Rihanna linked with famous names like Leonardo DiCaprio and Drake. But this time it is not someone from the glitzy world of Hollywood. Rihanna new boyfriend is a Saudi billionaire. Hassan Jameel is the Toyota heir and that is good enough to know about his worth and status.

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    Rihanna in Spain with New Saudi Boyfriend

    These days Rihanna is on vacation in Spain.  She is accompanied by Hassan Jameel. They are having quite fun that proves by the leaked pictures of Rihanna with her BF. Both seems to have quite hot and intimate moments, especially in the pool in their Spanish villa. The Saudi billionaire could not take his hands off Rihanna. Social media is quite active about this newly found couple. Twitter is celebrating the revelation with #RihannaHasaManParty hashtag. Check out the images in the gallery below.