Rihanna’s Disrespectful Queen Elizabeth Posts Spark Outrage


    I am still figuring out, why the hell Rihanna had to photoshop those disrespectful and outrageous images of the great Queen Elizabeth. Though she tried to be really funny in her posts but the viewers are slamming her for this childish act. Let’s read on to find how she is facing the backlash.

    Why Rihanna Photoshopped Queen’s Images with her Own?

    Queen Elizabeth has just celebrated her 91st birthday on Friday, 21 April 2017. To some, it was Rihanna’s way to pay her highness a tribute (quite weird). Where on one hand, just a handful of followers welcomed these posts and found them funny and creative, the majority of opinions are against Rihanna’s creativity.

    People’s Outrageous Remarks for Rihanna

    “There is something called respect here in England please if someone did that to u mum u will be jumping up and down u are not having it this had to stop now.”

    “It’s rude you know. This is not funny. She’s someone’s grandma. Imagine if it’s yours,”

    “This is offensive to me as a British citizen! That is my monarch and I find it angering that Rihanna has seen fit to disgrace my queen in such a way!”

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    Rihanna is craving attention I suppose. The queen is 91 and deserves respect.”

    In the end, this is not funny. She is not just any other ordinary woman. She is Queen Elizabeth of the Great Britain. And she deserves respect. Check out the images below.