The Most Colorful Red Carpet Appearances on Met Gala 2017


    One of the most colorful events of the year, Met Gala 2017 has finally showcased a number of interesting celebrity appearances. Like each year, some celebrities were looking their best and made it to the final list of best dressed celebrities in the Met Gala while there are some who dressed quite weirdly but still they managed to get the attention of the viewers worldwide. Check out what I have enlisted here as the most attention-getting appearances at Met Gala 2017.

    1.Kendell Jenner

    Dressed to impress in an all-bare sizzling outfit (even her black thong is visible), Kendell Jenner managed to be the most sought-after celeb at met gala red carpet. Check out her bold and sassy look.


    1. Bella Hadid

    What can you expect from a super-model and the sister of a super-duper model (Gigi Hadid)? Bella Hadid too appeared in this black translucent skinny outfit, revealing most of her curves.


    1. Gigi Hadid

    Our most-loved Gigi looked ravishing in that perfectly stitched beige gown designed by Tommy Hilfiger, unlike the two important gals in her life (Kendell Jenner and Bella Hadid), she managed to carry quite a red carpet look. As for her looks, she looked fantastic.


    1. Jennifer Lopez

    So far as this sultry lady is concerned, she was a fusion of grace and style. I just found her adorable in that eye catching outfit.


    1. Selena Gomez

    Just fallen in love, the blushing beauty looked the prettiest and the happiest with her man standing next to her. Her outfit, that sizzling ivory gown, makeup (that natural blush) and her hair, all managed to secure her a top position on the list of best dressed celebrities in Met Gala 2017.


    1. Jaden Smith

    There are some characters that always leave you baffled with their looks on any red carpet event. My all-time favorite in such lists have been Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj. But this year, taking their credit, I am replacing them with Jaden Smith (son of Will Smith).  I was not going to do that actually, but that bunch of creepy locks in his hand and eerie teeth forced me to.


    1. Kim Kardashian

    After all that bikini and airbrushed bum controversy, Kim managed to appear in quite a reasonable avatar in a white off the shoulder gown, on the red carpet.


    8. Lily Rose Depp

    Last but not the least, Lily Rose Depp stunned everyone with her prettiest look elevated in that bright pink frock by Chanel. She is so pretty and attractive. Just like her parents.