Queen Elizabeth II Sapphire Jubilee Celebration is on


    It was 65 years ago, when the world got its longest ruling monarch. 6 Feb 1952 marks the day when Queen Elizabeth II was crowned as a queen, after the sudden demise of her father George VI. The king was suffering from lung cancer. That was the time when the 25 years old young queen was settled down in the far-flung land of Kenya, after marriage. Her father’s untimely demise and the offering of throne to her, it all was something too sudden and surprising for her. She had no brother, that was the reason why Britain had her as a queen. And this year on the 6th of Feb, 2017 whole UK is happily celebrating Queen Elizabeth II sapphire jubilee.

    We just love to cherish her reign as she has served the nation her best. The festivity is not limited to York, it’s a celebration nationwide. Though the day is not celebrated as a festival. As the day also marks the death anniversary of the queen’s father. But still the event calls for some celebration. All through these years, the queen has kept this day as a private business. This year too, the whole celebration is done in a very balanced and simple way. [Find here: The Latest about the Love Life of Prince Harry and Megan Markle.]

    To mark the longest accession of the respected Queen, Royal mail has released a brilliantly designed £5 stamp. I think it’s a great way of showing her love and respect. Besides this, Royal Mint will also be releasing several metal coins bearing the images of the Queen. This too is a part of celebrating Queen Elizabeth II sapphire jubilee celebration.


    Let’s take a look at Queen’s life through some breathtaking glimpses of her journey of life.