Prince Harry Megan Markle Date Night Tells It All


    We have been hearing a lot about the handsome Prince Harry Megan Markle relationship since last year. It was more based on a few sightings, speculations and guesses. For a longer time, media was kept away from the depth in their relationship. Last Wednesday, while heading for a date dinner in Soho House in west London, both were spotted hands in hands.


    Their first public appearance has confirmed a lot about the seriousness of this bonding. There are many media people claiming, the couple is going to get engaged by spring. Even some reports say that the new going-to-be royal couple has moved in to live together. Megan is in UK since December. And our sources claim that she is living with Prince Harry in Nottingham Cottage, Kensington palace. Some reports suggest that Prince Harry has also introduced his girlfriend Megan Markle to his brother and his Princess Kate Middleton. That means things are being dealt on family level. But we have not heard a single word from Kensington Palace about Prince Harry Megan Markle private life.

    Kate Middleton’s sister, Pipa Middleton is going to marry James Mathews on 20th May 2017. According to some close sources, Prince Harry would (or at least he wishes to) attend the wedding with his lady love. We’ll keep an eye on that and would surely update you on it.

    Harry is 32 and Megan 35 and a divorcee. Many people are concerned about how come a divorcee can be a part of this royal family. I have read a lot of posts about it. There is just one thing that I would say for all such gossip mongers, ‘ITS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS’. We should feel happy for the love of Prince Harry Megan Markle, and wish them luck, for a bright future together (if they go for it).