Nordstrom Dropped Ivanka Trump Fashion Line


    Even before her father became the 45th president of US, Ivanka Trump was running her fashion line. But now after being an indirect part of country’s politics, the whole Trump family is being criticized for their large business empire. When we talk of ethics, the rule about ‘conflict of interest’ makes it essential for them to leave their business. Even a strong campaign has been executed named ‘Grab your Wallet’. It suggested all the retailers and fashion liners to drop the products from President Trump and Ivanka Trump’s fashion line. Recently, Nordstrom dropped Ivanka Trump fashion line.

    Though the retailers claim that we are by no means a part of this ‘Grab your Wallet’ campaign. They did it simply because the fashion line was constantly at loss and was not bringing any good to them. According to them, they had informed Ivanka last month, that they were going to do this.

    But yesterday on 8th Feb 2017, when the news became a headline and while everyone was discussing Nordstrom dropped Ivanka Trump Fashion line, the first outrageous response was from none other than the very bold president ‘Trump’. Taking to his twitter handle, this is what he had to say to Nordstrom,

    “My daughter Ivanka has been treated so unfairly by @Nordstrom. She is a great person — always pushing me to do the right thing! Terrible!”

    There were thousands of tweets and retweets about this funny (at least for me) situation. While I was going through people’s responses, one tweet caught my attention and it was really funny. Brent Spiner aka DATA from Star Trek TNG, came up with these witty words (like always),

    “Poor kid. How the heck is she supposed to make ends meet, now?” Hmm that’s something really alarming.

    Let’s see how positively things go for Nordstrom in the coming days. And ow much is it going to affect their sale and business. Will keep you updated. [Read here: President Trump’s Bodyguard with Fake Arms.]