New Images of the Syrain Boy Omran Daqneesh


No heart with love and care can ignore the innocent yet bloodied face of Omran Daqneesh. Popularly known as the Aleppo boy, the image of a devastated, injured Syrian boy sitting in the ambulance stirred anger across the globe, back in August 2016. The innocent kid was recovered from the rubble of his own house as a result of an air strike.

Impact of this Image

This was not just an ordinary image. It was really impactful. We have been seeing several images of Aleppo victims and other sufferers from Syria. But this was really heart breaking (This should have nothing to do with cast, creed or religion. It is about humanity and peace.) It is about the basic right to live (no one can take that). Look at the image below, little Omran Daqneesh is unaware of the cacophony around him. He is still trying to sort out what has happened. Maybe a moment ago, he was playing in his room and the second moment he is here, bloodied and covered in dust. His ten years old brother died on that unfortunate day.

The New Picture of Omran Daqneesh

Recently, Omran the Aleppo boy and his family has been spotted and interviewed on a public place (though this interview is causing controversies). Omran is looking contended in a really good health condition. According to Musa Omar, a journalist, Omran’s family was giving this interview under a strict watch. He further said, “Please don’t say anything about Omran’s father, he is not pro-regime,” he said. “He is a hostage, he is a prisoner under the regime control, forced to say every single word in this interview.”

Where is Omran Now?

source: newshub

According to Kinana Allouche , the journalist who interviewed the family ( and posted it to Facebook) writes,“Omran the child, who the (media) tried to cover up the real cause of his injuries, claiming that it was a result of the Syrian Arab Army. “Now he lives in the Syrian state with its army, its leader and its people.”

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Omran Daqneesh’s father says, “I stayed in Syria. This is my country, where I grew up and lived and my children will grow up in it,” Omran’s father does not want to stay focused in media. According to him, media is misusing his son’s image for their unholy gains. To him, this would endanger his son’s life. He further Said, “While I was rescuing my family the militants filmed my kin getting out of the house, in order to use these images for propaganda… I never had any dealings with their organizations and I never accepted their so called humanitarian aid,”

Whatever the facts are behind this interview, all we wish is a safe and happy life for Omran and his family. Look at the video below.