NASA to Create Artificial Clouds with a Rocket Launch on Saturday


Hey all of you, living on the East coast of US, if you do not wake up early, plan to do so. As NASA is going to launch its rocket (Terrier-Improved Malumute sounding rocket) from Wallops Flight Facility located on the eastern coast of Virginia on Saturday 3 June. According to the reports, people living on that side might encounter spectacular view of colorful artificial clouds in the early morning sky. The colors can range between red, blue and green. Read on the full story if you are interested in this unique cosmic event.

What are Artificial Clouds?

Right after 5 to 6 minutes of the launching, rocket would deploy about ten canisters containing colored vapor. The purpose behind releasing these vapor canisters in the air is to watch and record the speed of particles in the space. These artificial clouds or vapors are also known as vapor tracers.

How would it Happen?

After a few minutes of the launching of the rocket, it would release numerously hued luminescent clouds in the air. They would be high enough to not to cause any threat to the population underneath.

How to See Artificial clouds?

Those willing to watch it, must be somewhere between New York to North Carolina or in westward to Charlottesville, Virginia”. The second condition is the clear sky in your part. On Saturday 3 June, wakeup around 4.30 a.m. and look to the eastern horizon. The closer you are to the launching facility, the clearer you can see these artificial clouds. It would last for about 8 minutes and the rocket will end up in the Atlantic Ocean at the distance of 90 miles off Wallops Island.

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Live Stream of the Event

If you are not in that location, enjoy this amazing event through live streaming by NASA on Wallops Ustream site. It would start somewhere around 3:35 a.m. for more info about this rocket launch, android users can download “What’s Up at Wallops” app on their devices. For further details, sign in to the Wallops Facebook or twitter page.