Mysterious Green Light in the Sky of Japan


What could be more scarier than an unexplained mystery appearing on the eve of Halloween. It were the early Halloween hours when a mysterious green light in the sky over various cities of Japan lighted up the sky. Leading the people to various speculations, it became the talk of the town.

Green Fireball in the Japanese Sky

Eastern side of Niigata City, 5.00. a.m on 1st November 2016, when a broadcasting organization of Japan NHK recorded this strange phenomenon on their cameras. The other places where it was observed include;  Kanagawa, Chiba, Akita, and Iwate. Whole day Japanese media was presenting it as a breaking news.

People have mixed opinions about this green light in the sky. The UFO hunters are quite sure that it’s some sort of alien UFO. Even some are discussing it as some green alien flying in the air (sounds quite funny though). To some it’s just a fireball or a comet, an extraordinarily lighted up asteroid or a meteor (moving horizontally? that never happens!).

According to another school of thought, this 15 minutes of video shows the space debris that entered our sky. Calling it a rocket debris falling from the space is another possibility forwarded by National Astronomical Observatory. 

Maybe they are right in their observations about this green light in the sky, but reportedly, no space debris have been reported to be fallen in any part of the world. So, concluding it just a fireball or debris would not be right. What do you say?

According to Scott C Waring from UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY, this was an alien object. Let’s see what he has opinionated on his website, “First its glowing a color most meteors don’t glow. Second it’s performing horizontal mambo and meteorites do not fly horizontally while that low to the planet. Gravity would have pulled it down.”

The mystery of this green light in the sky of Japan is still haunting the people in Japan and have not been answered yet. We have shared what we came to know. Now it’s up to you, what you think about it. Check out the amazing footage of the green fireball.