Most Shocking Photographs of 2016


    Year 2016 is gone and the world is preparing to enter 2017. 2016 was a year with moments of grief and happiness. We have seen many joyful moments. At the same time, a lot of hazardous events have made this year a tragic one. Earthquakes, war, bombing, refugees, political upheavals, losing many dear celebrities and a lot more. Here we have tried to capture the most powerful moments of 2016 to share with our readers. It’s just our way to say goodbye. Let’s see the most shocking photographs of 2016.

    1.Andrei Karlov Murder

    It was a really shocking moment when an armed man Mevlut Mert Altintas killed Andrei Karlov, the Russian ambassador to Turkey, in an event full of crowd and media.


    2. Syrian Boy Omran Daqneesh

    This heartbreaking image of a Syrian boy Omran Daqneesh baffled the whole world. It was a moment when he just survived a life threatening bombing on Aleppo, killing most of his friends and family members. (Humanity is lost!!!)

    Omran Daqneesh

    3. Bombing on Zaventem airport Brussels

    Yet another of the most shocking photographs of 2016. The bombing attacks on Brussels airport had left the travelers in shock. Just like in the image below.


    4. Stepping over the Dead

    It’s a horrific scene of a boat filled with dead bodies of the migrants. Those were also humans, set out to have a life of their dreams. Don’t treat them like animals!!!!


    5. Selfie in the War

    Selfie fever was on throughout 2016. Where on one side, families are fearing for their lives, these member of the pro-govt forces are busy having a selfie. Strange life!!!


    6. Hope for Life

    I found this image powerful and one of the most shocking photographs of 2016. For just a simple reason. It has a will to survive. A will and urge that our so called civilized world can’t see.


    7. Unsuccessful Military Coup in Turkey

    Yet another shocking event that baffled the whole world. Though it was not successful but quite influential as it claimed about 300 lives.


    8. Black Lives Matter!!

    This was the message conveyed by this black nurse Ieshia Evans in her protest against police killing innocent black people.


    9. Hope Lingers on!!

    This beautiful and positive moment from Rio Olympics has a little hope. There is still some good left in the world and it’s worth fighting for.


    10. A Sweet Way to Propose

    It was a really sweet moment when the Olympian diver Qin Kai of China proposed a fellow Olympian in a medal giving ceremony. In the end, LOVE ROCKS! That’s why we made it to our list of the most shocking photographs of 2016.shocking-photographs-of-2016,