Most Mysterious Stories of Assassinations


Ultimately every man has to die. Few die naturally, few are caught up by accidents, but a few do not die naturally but are forcefully  murdered by assassins. Some murderers are caught up after committing merciless killing but some successfully flee to their world. Here are some real life mysterious stories of people who has mysterious deaths and the murderers of all below mentioned mysterious stories are still free without any clue behind.

1. Tupac Shakur

Tupac was a brilliant singer, actor and rapper and was known worldwide due to his talent. But unfortunately he was shot by a skilled murderer who mercilessly gun shot him 13 times. It was the night of 13 September 1996. Murderer killed him while riding on vehicle. Tupac’s death is still a mystery because no solid evidence was ever found.


2. Bob Crane

Robert Crane was one of the prominent characters of legendary sitcom named “Hogan’s Heroes” and he was extremely popular among audience. Unfortunately he was found dead in 1978 and a man named John Carpenter was arrested after search and investigation but was set free lately due to no solid evidence of his involvement. Crane was fighting with sex addiction and many of his audience were not familiar to this fact. His murder is still a mystery for every one.

mysterious stories
Robert Crane

3. Dian Fossey

Dian Fossey was a popular social worker and Zoologist who had dedicated her life in battling against stealing of wild animals in Africa. Dian Fossey was murdered in 1985 and was stabbed by a knife in head. Police investigated whole case fairly and staff members at research center were also made a part of investigation. But no proof was found. Fossey was like an angel who loved and saved animals. The one that murdered her must be some real life devil.

mysterious stories
Dian Fossey

4. Julie Ward

Julie was well known wild life photographer. She was murdered in 1988 in Kenya. Her dead body was found smoldered and buried in ground.

mysterious stories
Julie Ward

5. Amber Hagerman

Amber was a poor nine year old girl who was kidnapped and was murdered ruthlessly by the kidnapper. Amber Hagerman’s body was found at a place with cut throat. There might be the chance of sexually assaulting her. But it was never declared officially. Police caught Terapon Adhahn after investigation. But he was let free because of no solid evidence. This assassination was definitely most heart touching than others because the victim was a child of 9 years only and more depressing thing is that the killer was left open and was merrily enjoying freedom. An alarm system for child kidnapping is also set after the name of Amber Hagerman. It is the Amber alarm system.

mysterious stories
Amber Hagerman

6. Catrine da Costa

Catrine was a professional prostitute and she was brutally assassinated in 1984. No clear evidences and clues were traced. Murderer cut her body in two pieces and many body parts were missing.

mysterious stories
Catrina Da Costa

7. Mary Pinchot Meyer

Mary was born in England and married to Cord Meyer in 1945. She had a happy family and had 3 children. She was a well known socialite and was connected to Kennedy’s. She also joined CIA later in her life. And some say that Mary was murdered by CIA. But no proof of her killing was ever traced. She was mysteriously murdered in 1964 by two gun shots.

mysterious stories
Mary Pinchot Meyer

8. Mass Murder in Finland

A mass killing took place in Finland at Lake Bodom, in 1960, where four people were victimized by same dagger. Among the victims were two men and two girls. Three of the victims died at the spot but Nils Gustafsson ran unharmed. Nils helped in inquiry of case but investigation proved that he was lying. He was caught later by the police.

9. Mollie Smith

Mollie murder case in 1884, is also strange and unresolved till now. She was killed by a serial killer and she was his first victim. The notorious serial killer used an axe for killing people. He is still not caught as no proves and evidences are found.The Real World Image | Mollie Smith

10. The Seewen Murders

The first of mysterious stories of deaths is of five members of a family who were gun shot in Switzerland. This merciless event took place in 1986 and no evidence has been found up till now. Police had tried to suspect the case deeply but the victims were precisely gun shot through head. This murder case is still unsolved.