1,100 Years Old Mongolian Mummy Wearing Adidas Trainers


When you read it first, it sounds really stupid. How can a mummy about 1,100 years old could wear Adidas Trainers? But that is what actually happened. This Mongolian mummy discovered in April 2016, seems to be wearing quite stylish long boots (similar to Adidas kicks). The style made everyone believe that she was wearing some Adidas boots. Read on to know more about this amazing discovery.


Where was the Mummy found?

The mummy was unearthed in Mongolia’s Altai Mountains, about 2,800 meters above the sea level. The Mongolian mummy was found in a very well-preserved condition because of the freezing temperature in the cave. Here is what the mummy expert B. Sukhbaatar had to say; “The average temperatures is from two to four degrees above zero Celsius, and it was about zero degrees in the cave. Therefore, the body is well preserved.” According to him, ‘The grave was three meters deep. The finds show us that these people were very skilled craftsmen,’

What’s special about her shoes?

The Mongolian mummy was found wearing shoes with red and black stripes that are quite modern in their style (buckled style). When the video of the mummy went viral for the first time, her shoes got everyone’s attention. And viewers believed her to be wearing a pair of shoes with iconic striped logo of Adidas. Some even concluded it as some form of time travel. We don’t conclude it to be Adidas shoes actually. The shoes bear resemblance and are quite modern in style, no doubt. But they are not Adidas trainers.

What Else We found?

There are a number of other things found from the burial site that makes this discovery of Mongolian mummy far more interesting. The mummy is accompanied with a stylish clutch, a well-shaped and shiny knife, a sewing kit, a mirror and a comb.  But most of all she is accompanied with another mummy of a horse and a saddle. This might be the horse that she used to ride on in her life.


According to the researcher B. Sukhbaatar, this mummy seems to be of a woman aged between 30 to 40 years. She might be a local seamstress. That is what her clothing style and her possessions (stitching kit) indicate. Experts suggest it as the, ‘first complete Turkik burial at least in Mongolia’ and ‘this is a very rare phenomenon.’


source: dailymail


Cause of Death

After closely observing the body, the researchers have concluded a head injury as the cause of death. As her skull show some signs of trauma. But all that are just assumptions. Who knows what fate this Mongolian mummy had actually met? [Read here: Some Well-preserved Mummies of the World]