Melania Trump Stunning First Lady Ever Surrounded in Controversies


    Years back Melania Trump was just a Slovene-born American model and wife of Donald Trump. But now on 20th January 2017, she is going to be the first lady of United States of America. She would make the second ever, foreign-born First Lady after Louisa Adams in 1825. She is drop-dead gorgeous no doubt. But being wife of Donald Trump (president) means a bit of controversies as well.

    Where on one hand she is preparing to enter the historic White House of US, on the other hand she is facing different people opposing her from different fields of life. Be it the fashion designers or celebs. Recently, French designer Sophie Theallet, has refused to do any of Melania’s clothing. Earlier Sophie was the designer of the first lady Michelle Obama. This is not it; she has also requested the co-designers to not to do any of Melania Trump’s clothing.

    In an open letter, Sophie has expressed her personal views, “As an independent fashion brand, we consider our voice an expression of our artistic and philosophical ideas. The Sophie Theallet brand stands against all discrimination and prejudice,”. Open letter | Sophie Theallet | November 17th, 2016

    On the other hand, our very own Gigi Hadid has imitated the iconic impression of Melania Trump on a recent event of American Music Awards. That is also being enjoyed and viewed on the internet. Not only this but Gigi Hadid’s co-host Jay Pharoah also made the audience laugh with his brilliant mimicry of Donald Trump.

    Gigi Hadid imitating Melania Trump’s iconic impression

    So, things are getting quite fun. This is not it, ebay is selling “Naked Supermodel Special” issue of GQ magazine with Malenia Trump sexy and nude photos in $500. At the time of this sizzling nude photo shoot of Melania Trump, she was known as a super model named Melania Knauss.