Marilyn Monroe and UFO Documentary: What’s the Connection?


Marilyn Monroe, a symbol of beauty and glamour, even after 55 years of her death, is still alive in our hearts. Her untimely death was a great shock for everyone across the world. Officially, her death was claimed to be the outcome of a suicidal attempt. She was found dead in her bedroom with a lot of sleeping pills all across her. Her. Officials claimed that overdose of the pills caused her demise.

Marilyn Monroe Death Cause?

Though it was claimed to be a suicidal attempt (that is what we are told), but there are many who believed her death to be a murder. Even if Marilyn Monroe was murdered, who did it and why? What aliens and UFOs have to do with Marilyn Monroe’s death?

What ‘Unacknowledged’, a New Documentary on Aliens and UFOs has to Reveal?

Unacknowledged is the new alien documentary, exploring the dark secrets of aliens and extraterrestrial beings visiting our planet since ages. Ufologist Dr. Steven Greer, has unraveled a lot about UFO’s. The most shocking revelation by Dr. Steven Greer in this documentary is about Monroe’s death. He claims that Marilyn Monroe was murdered because she knew a good deal about the alien secrets and some secret air base where president Kennedy used to go. That is not all, she was threatening to reveal all those alien secrets in a press conference.

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Who was she threatening? To none other than the Kennedy brothers—John F. Kennedy and his brother Bobby Kennedy. Marilyn Monroe was having affair with both brothers at a time. And when her relationship, with both, was in hot waters, she opted to take revenge. And she was threatening them to disclose the alien secrets before the world.  That is the reason why, according to the documentary, US government plotted her murder. Now this is an all new situation. Don’t know, believe it or not. What do you think? Do share your thoughts about this latest alien and UFO news. Check out a clip of this alien documentary in the video given below.