Man Hit by Bus in England


A road on Reading, England is quite in the news in these days. Why? Because of a man named Simon Smith. Simon was the man who survived a severe hit by a double decker bus while walking on the road. You must be thinking about the severity of injuries the man had to face. Read on to find how man gets hit by bus.

How the Man Got Hit by Bus?

The man was heading to his home when he was brutally hit by the bus. As captured on CCTV camera, the man got up and started to walk in quite an OK condition. In an interview to The Sun Simon added, “very lucky to be alive”. “I didn’t tense because I didn’t know it was coming. After it I just wanted to get somewhere safe,”. So, he entered the Purple Turtle pub located nearby. He further added, “It’s quite funny everybody thinks I have gone for a pint,” “I was actually looking for a place of refuge when I went into the doorway of the pub.”

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After getting hit by the bus the emergency responders came for the rescue but did not believe the man was actually hit by the bus.  This is what he added more about it. “Originally, they were all in agreement because if I had been hit by the bus, I wouldn’t be here,” he told The Sun. “I said ‘I’m sure the bus hit me’ and they kept saying ‘No you were hit by debris’.