Lychee and Yulin Dog Festival China 2017


Talking of festivities and celebrations, lychee and Yulin dog festival of china is one of the weirdest custom I have ever seen. Not whole China but some parts especially, Yulin city celebrates this grotesque event. This dog festival begins on 21 of June and continues for about 10 days. Millions of dogs are brutally slaughtered each year in China.

Where do they Get so many Dogs?

This is the most shocking revelation for me, as about 80% of the dogs are stolen from people’s yards. They actually are pets (just like a family member to some). We have been hearing some noises and protests against this inhumane act but no effective laws have been introduced to face this gruesome situation and to save the lives of those innocent pets. Lychee and Yulin dog meat festival of China is underway in the city of Yulin these days too.

dog meat festival yulin
source: Metro

Does Everyone Celebrate it in China?

Not really. It is not some age-old custom or ritual or a must-follow thing. It was initiated by a small group of people (restaurant owners particularly) who either love to eat dog meat or they had their own business interests in slaughtering the dogs. Besides southwest China’s Yulin City, the northeast part of China, populated with ethnic Korean Chinese also support this so-called dog eating festival. This is not what every Chinese citizen wants, about 2/3 majority of Chinese nationals are against dog eating festival.

What to do about it?

There are a number of activists who are working really hard to play their part in saving the lives of dogs and to create much-needed awareness among people who are supporting this uselessly cruel tradition. Animal Hope and Wellness is one such organization along with some others. Besides that, protests have been observed in USA in front of China embassy. A large number of people gathered there with play cards bearing words like STOP DOG MEAT and so on. In the words of one protester, “We came to Yulin to tell people that dogs are our friends,” says Yang Yuhua, an animal rights activist. “We cannot cruelly kill them.”

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There have been cases where animal activists literally spend thousands of bucks to buy the strayed dogs to save them from being slaughtered. This is something that must come to an end now. As the Yulin dog festival is underway, anyone can go and check it themselves (or save a few from getting cooked).