List of Unexplained Mysteries That Might Never Be Solved


Our world is a mysterious place with a lot of secrets that are yet to be discovered. There have been numerous spooky real life tales and unexplained mysteries that baffled the world. But none of these is solved yet. Halloween is near and on this creepy day of celebration, many of you would like to read about some real life creepy tales. So here we have the list of unexplained mysteries from around the world.

Rory Curtis Bizarre Coma Experience

Rory Curtis was just 25 when he had to face a traumatic road accident. The accident left him in coma for about 6 days. Most interestingly, as he came to senses after a six-days long coma, he started speaking in fluent French language, in spite of the fact that he was not a French man and have never learned it. Secondly, he claimed to be someone else. Who??? None other than the famous actor Mathew McConaughey. Doctors couldn’t determine anything about it. It was some sort of wonder of human mind. It’s still a puzzle.

Sleeping Epidemic in the Village of Russia

Sleeping is not a disorder but sometimes it can be. Folks in the Russian village of Kazakhstan are facing this unexplained mystery of having long sleeps. People in this keep on sleeping for days for no evident reason. Many doctors have visited the place to determine the reason but could not come to any reliable conclusion. That’s why we have added this story to our list of unexplained mysteries.list-of-unexplained-mysteries


A Flying Man

We can’t deny the futuristic idea of men flying in the air. But this happening today, no way!!! But this next unexplained mystery is about a man witnessed by the cabin crew and passengers of the airbus a320. This was claimed to be spotted on the height of 3,500 feet in the air. Who was that man? Where he had come from? All is a mystery…

Invasion of an Ice Bomb or Megacryometeor in a House

Large pieces of ice chunks invaded the house of John Connors, a resident of Chicago. To his surprise, when he came back to his home, he found these ice pieces had crushed his roof. Some said, it might have been fallen from an airplane. While meteorologists referred it as a megacryometeor.

Mysteriously Cured Blindness

It’s a medical tale that even medical science could not have answered. Lisa Reid is a woman of 38, living in New Zealand. She had lost her eyesight at the age of 11 as a result of brain tumor. She was spending a dependable life with her guide dog. It was a miraculous night when she was about to go to bed. In an effort to kiss her dog before sleeping, she bend down and got her head hit on the corner of the table. She remembers the banging to be painful. The next day she woke up and to her surprise, she was able to see the world again.

list-of-unexplained mysteries

Mass Birds’ Suicides in Jatinga India

The next on our list of unexplained mysteries is quite intriguing. In the Dima Hasao district of Assam, in this bizarre village of Jatinga, birds are reported to commit suicides. The birds are said to arrive here in migration season. But most of the birds do not leave this place, once the season is gone. According to the locals here, in the moonless nights of the months of September and October, from 6 to 9 p.m. (within one mile of a piece of land) birds stop flying in the air and fall down to their death. This is happening each year since many years. And still we have no answer to this mystery.


Mystery of the Crying Virgin Mary Statue

Maria Cardenas from Fresno, California was gifted a Virgin Mary statue on the eve of mother’s day. She had it just as a normal statue, for as long as 11 years. The mystery begins after her cousin’s untimely death as he was murdered brutally. According to her, the statue sheds the tears regularly after his death. Priests do come to visit this real life phenomenon. The tears come down from her right eye only and flood all over her face. It sounds unbelievable, that’s why we have made it a part of our list of unexplained mysteries of the world.