Kulbhushan Yadav Indian Spy Gets Death Penalty in Pakistan


In March 2016, this Indian raw agent (claimed by Pakistan and acknowledged by the man himself) was arrested in Balochistan by the law enforcing agencies of Pakistan. The Indian spy Kulbhushan Sudhir Yadav has confessed his crime in a confessional statement. It was a video, released by Pakistani media. In the video, Kulbhushan Jadhav has been seen confessing to the “espionage and sabotage activities against Pakistan”. He is seen discussing all about the task of spreading unrest in Pakistan.

Kulbushan Yadav was a former Indian navy officer. Who was later on appointed by raw to spread unrest in Pakistan’s province of Balochistan and the metro city of Karachi. Both places have suffered a lot of terrorist’s activities and bloodshed in the past several years. And Pakistan has always confirmed Indian hand behind the fanning of these terrorist’s activities in Pakistan. It took a whole year in the trial of this Indian agent.


Today on Monday 10, Pakistan’s Military court has sentenced Kulbhushan Jadav to death. As usual Indian side is denying all the accusations and claiming this man to be innocent. Media on both sides is discussing this Indian spy tonight. It’s not the first time that such event has occurred between these two nations. We have seen previously, India too has claimed people to be Pakistan’s spy and even sentenced them to death as well. After this news, the already bad relations between two sides are going to get even worse. Jammu Kashmir is already the biggest bone of contention between the two nations and we have seen a couple of Indo-Pakistani wars as well. Let’s see how things go with this story and what developments are queued in future. For the moment, check out the confessional video of Kulbhushan Yadav below. [Read here: Bizarre Medical Tales ever]