Offers to Kiss Aamir Khan


    As yesterday we heard about a website to slap Aamir Khan, now this site is offering a chance to kiss Aamir Khan now. They are also sharing the same tag line that this site is only for love and purpose only and represents kindness and kisses only. Please spread the tolerance of our love only.”

    After his “intolerance remarks” Aamir Khan is quite in the news. Each day we are hearing celebrities and politicians commenting on the issue. Some are supporting Aamir and few are criticizing him. There are rumors that Aamir Khan is leaving India soon. But not sure of it right now. RPI chief Ramdas Athawale has said,

    “If Aamir goes abroad to settle, our cadre will bring him back. If he needs protection, our workers will stand by his side and throw a cover around him,”
    Check the site where you can kiss Aamir Khan if you want.