Jackie Robinson Day 2017: Remembering an Iconic MLB Player


    Looking back in the history, year 1949, we had the greatest and the most talented player, Jackie Robinson. His immense talent ripped apart all the barriers of color discrimination. His talent was so valuable that it enforced everyone to celebrate Jackie Robinson day on yearly basis. 15 April is the day when all the MLB players remember his achievements and pay him gratitude. Read on to know more about this special day of Jackie Robinson.


    Facts about Jackie Robinson Day

    • This day is being observed since 2009.
    • This day every MLB player, manager, umpire and coach wears the shirt of no. 42 to celebrate him.
    • This 15, of April 2017 is the 70th anniversary of this monumental player.
    • This year this auspicious event is going to be celebrated in Los Angeles.
    • This ceremony is going to be attended by his family and wife along with many renowned and legend players.
    • To make this year more special, a bronze statue of Jackie Robinson will be unveiled in Dodger Stadium.

    Facts about the Statue of Jackie Robinson

    • This sculpture of Jackie Robinson is going to be about 77 inch tall. It’s reported to be made in bronze. It would depict the legendry MLB player as a rookie in his amazing style of baserunning.
    • The stature is engraved with three best quotes by Jackie Robinson. One of them is, “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.”
    • Here is what Janet Marie Smith has to say about the idea of displaying this statue; “Our goal was to both celebrate Jackie Robinson as an athlete and to acknowledge the important role he had in civil rights and social change in America,”
    • Here is what Sharon Robinson (Jackie Robinson’s daughter) has to say about her feelings on this special event; “This is going to be a very special time… My dad was a humble person and here he is 70 years later being recognized. He used to come home and say, ‘I got a standing ovation today,’ and he would be so shocked.” [Read here: Sheila Abdus-Salaam, the African American Muslim Judge Found Dead]