Ivanka Trump’s Fashion Brand Controversy


    We all have been knowing Ivanka as the daughter of Donald Trump (now president). She has been a style icon all through these years. Ivanka Trump’s fashion brand is one of the best online shopping stores. The designs in clothing, shoes and handbags here, are classy and sleek.

    Ever since Ivanka Trump’s father has been elected as the president of US, things have not been that smoother for Ivanka. Especially, after her presence in her father’s meeting with Japan’s president. She has been there in her father’s election campaign, wearing her brand and promoting various fashion accessories. Still she is acting like a business person and also taking part in President Donald Trump’s politics.

    Promoting and getting benefits from Ivanka Trump’s fashion brand while taking part in country’s politics, is being labelled as conflict of interest. And people from different platforms have been opposing various online stores for offering her space. There are about 21 online stores who have been insisted to stop promoting her include; Amazon.com, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, T.J. Maxx, Macy’s, and Neiman Marcus.

    But so far, we have not seen any of these stores taking action on their customer’s request. This protest was started on 11 Oct 2016 by a lady named Sue Atencio, 59, and Shannon Coulter, a market specialist.

    People have projected their views on social media to hit this issue and raise their voice against Ivanka Trump’s fashion brand. Here are a few interesting comments seen on social media.

    Laura Voted tweeted, “Boycotting @Nordstrom & @HauteLook until they stop carrying hateful Trump. I deleted apps, unsubscribed & let them know why. #GrabYourWallet”

    “I will no longer be a customer with your company because you do business with the Trump family. A family that supports toxic, sexist, homophobic, racist rhetoric,”

    Rachel Wolf tweeted,” To #Nordstrom-aholics, #Macys-aholics, #Amazon-aholics. Go cold turkey and #GrabYourWallet. Don’t support businesses that profit from Trump.

    Let’s see, how things settle down between all these retailers and Ivanka Trump’s fashion brand. Till now, no retailer has agreed on ditching Ivanka Trump’s brand. And we have not heard anything from Ivanka Trump herself.