Is Vladimir Putin Immortal Or A Time Traveler


Is Vladimir Putin immortal or does he possess any supernatural power. There are a couple of images circulating on the web claiming Vladimir Putin to be immortal. A man who is living on earth from hundreds if not thousands years. A couple of bizarre images bear an uncanny resemblance to Putin. One picture dates back to 1920 Russia and features a serviceman who is a lookalike of Vladimir Putin. The other picture belongs to 1941 where another Russian serviceman is visible and looks just like Vladimir Putin. Watching these pictures one could say that Putin is serving his land for ages.

The pictures belong to different eras featuring same person. Now the conspiracy theorists are suggesting that all two ancient pictures are of Russian president. Not only this but they also believe that there seem to be some supernatural power at work for Vladimir Putin. And that Russian president Vladimir Putin is immortal or a time traveler and have been living this planet for 100 or thousand years.

The other conspiracy theory about Putin is that he is the famous and known Count Dracula, the 15th-century Transylvanian leader Prince Vlad II. Actually Putin was born in 1952 that makes him of 63 years.

What are the facts behind these images are not sure to any of us. But the question is, if not Putin then who are these two guys who share same facial features and same land to serve. Quite weird. Will keep my readers updated.