Is Bermuda Triangle Mystery Really Solved?


Seems like the mystery that had been haunting the world through a whole century is over. NASA satellite imagery seems to have found the possible solution to the Bermuda Triangle mystery. The images by NASA satellite have revealed some weird hexagonal shaped clouds over the area. These unusual clouds could be the possible reason of all the accidents reported till date.

What are Hexagonal Clouds?

Clouds always come in random shapes but a cloud with corner and a proper formation is quite intriguing. These hexagonal clouds are very much capable of causing deadly winds of speed as much as over 270 km/h . Wind at this high level creates microbursts of air (air bombs) that actually can destroy any airplane or ship in its vicinity.

Furthermore, these air bombs, hitting the ocean can cause extremely high waves (about 45ft) in the water. Let’s see what Dr. Steve Miller from Colorado State University has to say about these hexagonal clouds in relation to Bermuda Triangle mystery. “You don’t typically see straight edges with clouds, most of the time, clouds are random in their distribution.”

bermuda triangle mystery
Hexagonal Clouds over Bermuda Triangle

Area of Clouds!

The expert meteorologists have observed and claimed these clouds to be on a larger scale. In the images taken by the satellite, the hexagonal clouds can be detected on the western side of Bermuda island, spreading on an area from 20 to 55 miles.

Devastating History in Bermuda!

Our history is filled with the claims of paranormal incidents in that region. The first time we heard of Bermuda triangle mystery was in 1492, when the famous Christopher Columbus claimed to have seen some strange lights above the waters and also that his compass was not functioning in that area.

It is claimed that in the past six centuries about 1000 ships have disappeared in Bermuda and adjoining areas of Miami and Puerto Rico. Most surprisingly. each year about 4 airplanes and 20 ships disappear in Bermuda. Let’s see what further investigations conclude on Bermuda Triangle mystery. Is it really about these clouds or something paranormal. Time will tell!!!