Interesting Facts about Good Friday & Easter Sunday?


    Easter is one of the most significant and celebrated Christian event. Its historical significance is undeniable. Even today, its celebrated with full zeal and zest but still many of the youngsters don’t have enough comprehension about the days like ‘Easter Sunday’ and ‘Good Friday’ and how both days are linked. It’s good Friday today but many of us don’t know what is good Friday. Read on to find out why Easter and good Friday are interlinked? And how the decorative and fun elements like an Easter bunny and colored eggs are linked to Easter and much more about the holy week.

    What is Good Friday?

    Good Friday is celebrated on the Friday right before Easter Sunday. This day is observed to remember the unmatchable sacrifice of Jesus Christ, who offered his life to purify everyone else from their sins. This is the very day when Christ was crucified. On good Friday, Christians opt for fasting, meditation, repentance and prayers and try to feel what great amount of pain Jesus had to go through.

    Why is it called Good Friday?

    We are often asked the question, ‘when it was the day of Christ’s suffering, then why is it named good Friday?’ It must be something like bad Friday. Not exactly! The name has its own symbolical significance. According to ancient studies and observations, this whole suffering and painful experience of Christ brought a lot of relieve and good for the whole mankind, that is why it is named as ‘good Friday’.

    What is Easter Sunday and why we celebrate it?

    Easter is the happiest day for every person who believes and follows Jesus Christ. Easter Sunday is the celebration of the ‘third day after Christ’s crucifixion (third day after good Friday), when he was resurrected from his tomb, finally. It was a miraculous moment when Christ got victory over sin and death by coming back to life after sacrificing his life.  [Read here: Life on Fair Isle]

    How is Easter Bunny linked to Easter Sunday?

    We see that a rabbit is the symbol that distributes Easter eggs between everyone. Why a hare or rabbit is associated with Easter Sunday and not any other animal? There are three possible explanations by the ancient Christians;

    • As Easter is a spring season’s celebration, spring stands for fertility and new life. A hare is the animal that is known for producing outnumbered off springs. That might be one reason.
    • Easter Sunday is date determined by the moon’s cycle, and a rabbit or hare is also recognized as a symbol of moon, historically.
    • Like a rabbit gets out of its burrow, people saw Christ resurrecting from his tomb.

    What is the historical significance of Easter Eggs?

    Some call it a Pegan custom intermingled with the Easter Sunday celebration. Generally, eggs are taken as a symbol of life. And Easter too is the celebration of Christ’s resurrection and life. That is why it is made a part of Easter Sunday Celebrations.

    What is the Easter Lamb?

    Though a purely Christian (non-Pegan) tradition, it is in a way linked to Jewish Passover. History defines the moment when each Jewish family sacrificed a lamb. In Christianity, Christ took the responsibility and played the role of a Passover lamb for the whole humanity, maybe that’s why lamb got the permanent significance in Christ’s great sacrifice. Read here to know more.