Ian Brady, the Moor Murderer Dies at 79


Whenever the world would recall the most painful and sadistic cases of child molestation and murders, the list would be incomplete without the world famous ‘moor murderers’. Ian Brady and his female partner (and girlfriend) Myra Hindley were the two main culprits behind the famous children murders in 1960’s. Brady and his partner were sentenced for life in 1966 for their inhumane and hateful actions. But since 1985, the moor murderer was detained in Ashworth Hospital for his treatment of paranoid schizophrenia. Buttoday the doctors have confirmed the news of Ian Brady’s death at the age of 79. Read on to know more about this sadist man and his cunning partner.


source: BBC

What Ian’s Doctors have said?

This is what the spokesperson of the Ashworth hospital announced;

“We can confirm a 79-year-old patient in long-term care at Ashworth High Secure Hospital has died after becoming physically unwell,”

How were the Last Days of this Moor Murderer?

He kept on requesting the medical authorities to send him to jail but he was never allowed that. His plea was rejected by Mental Health Tribunal for his own health and for the safety of many others. He remained on intermittent hunger strikes for several years. And the hospital staff had to feed this moor murderer via tube to keep him alive. No apparent cause of death is mentioned yet. All they said, he was provided oxygen for a while before his death.

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What about his co-murderer Myra Hindley?

Myra Hindley acknowledged her partnership in the heinous crimes with Ian Bradley. She too was serving life sentence and died in jail, back in 2002.

How they Met?

They used to work in the same office. Hindley fell in love with him. Apparently, she was quite impressed with his intelligence and skills. He used to read her lines from Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Ian Brady had a huge collection of books about Nazi’s sadism and sexual perversion. That was what turned him into a bloody sadist who murdered five innocent kids later on.

source: BBC

His Personal Life

Ian Brady, the moor murderer was the illegitimate child of a waitress. He grew up with his foster parents who treated him badly. As he turned into a teen, there were a lot of criminal tendencies detected in him. And court ordered to send him back to his mother. And then he came back to his own mother and used to live with her and his step father, Patrick Brady (Ian used his sur name).

How they used to murder?

Both Ian and Hindley used to abduct the kids and murdered them after abusing them sexually. The bodies of 4 kids were buried in Saddleworth Moor (which were recovered lately). One was never found and they never revealed that. The relative of that poor kid are still waiting to know the secret place, they buried him. But no one is there to reveal that now.

How they were Caught?

The moor murderers were caught red handed while they were preparing to bury the body of another victim. Hindley’s brother in law complained the police about their barbarous activities.

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Many audio tapes containing victims’ sounds were found. All of them were pleading and begging for their lives. It’s really heartbreaking to imagine that. How can one be so animal-like?