Humpback Whale Caught on Camera in Narragansett Bay


You do not get to see a humpback whale splashing and playing so easily as Wickford harbormaster Ed Hughes did on Monday. Hughes was on his usual round of the Rhode Island’s Narragansett Bay, when he noticed some movement in the sea and thought it to be some boat. “Then I looked again, and it was about a 50-foot whale breaching out of the water. This is not a place where you normally see a 50-foot whale,” Hughes explained.

According to Hughes the humpback whale played in the waters for around 45 minutes. He snapped the whale breaching out of the water. As we can see the images snapped by him and also the Mount Hope Bridge and Prudence Island in the background. After the 45 minutes of fun the whale headed out of the bay.

It is very uncommon to see an humpback whale in that area of Narragansett bay. But yes they exist there, we all know that. Last year Hughes saw a beluga whale that is also very rare experience.