Harambe’s First Death Anniversary: Twitter Users Celebrate it


Last year, 28 May was not an ordinary day. It was the day when Harambe, the 17 years old gorilla was killed by the administration of Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. Harambe was brutally killed to save the life of a 3-year-old baby who fell in Harambe’s enclosure. The most tragic part of the story; Harambe was killed on the very next day of his birthday (27 May). The decision to kill Harambe was opposed by the majority of folks. And the zoo administration had to face great criticism in this regard. Read on to know more about the tragic death and first death anniversary of Harambe.

As the boy fell, Harambe pulled and grabbed him. Several said, Harambe was a risk for boy’s life while to some he was just trying to protect the boy. Even after passing of a year, we still can’t decide whether the decision to kill Harambe was right or wrong. Whatever it was, the unfortunate incident left Harambe as a social media sensation. After passing of one year, no memorial services have been organized by Cincinnati Zoo. But people all around the world have not forgotten Harambe. They are observing his first death anniversary on social media.

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Here are a few tweets by the people who expressed their views on the first death anniversary of Harambe. The hash tag of Harambe is also getting popular on twitter. Read on guys.

One year ago today we lost Harambe. He would’ve been 18 today. Hard to believe it’s already been a year. #RIPHarambe

“One year ago today, a legend was taken from us.. Rest easy champ, we miss you Harambe.”

“Harambe died a year ago today and the whole world gone to hell since,”

A year ago your life was taken. On that day we were all Harambe! We shall never forget your activism against child neglect #RIPHarambe

One year ago we lost a hero. R.I.P #harambe

Watch the video of this tragic incident here.