Gold Christmas Tree to Brighten up this Christmas


    Christmas is around the corner. We all are preparing hard for Christmas 2016. What excites me the most is the decoration of my Christmas tree. What I happened to hear a few days back just left me in awe. A jewelry shop in Tokyo have showcased a gold Christmas tree. This Christmas tree of gold is worth £1.4 million. That’s incredible!!


    Ginza Tanaka, the jewelry store has used about 4,000 feet of fine wire to create this magnificent Christmas tree. According to the makers, they have used about 42 pounds’ gold to make this glitzy Christmas tree.

    This gold Christmas tree is about 6.6 feet in length. Beautiful gold-made stars are hanging all over the tree, adding more to its style and sparkle. And most importantly, this gold-made Christmas tree is for sale. Anyone who likes it can buy it before Christmas.


    Here is what Takahiro Ito, the manager of Ginza Tanaka store has to say about the making of this tree. “In the current situation where the global economy is suffering as a result of economic instabilities like Brexit, we made this gold Christmas tree hoping it will wipe out gloomy news and provide a bright and shiny future.”

    Japan does not celebrate Christmas officially. But they created this tree to give a lightning and positive feel to everyone around the globe. Though this gold Christmas tree has successfully gotten the attention of the world, but this is not the costliest Christmas tree of the world. The most expensive Christmas tree of the world was showcased in Dubai. It was worth £7 million. It was not made in gold, but various precious jewelry items were hanged on its branches that made this tree so expensive.