Gigi Hadid in American Music Awards 2016


    Ever since the American Music Awards 2016 are done, Gigi Hadid is quite in the news. In the first place, she got the attention of everyone, because of her lovely white, lacy Elie Saab gown on the red carpet. She was a real stunner. Gigi also co-hosted the show with the comedian Jay Pharoah in a brilliant way. But the things can’t always run smoothly.

    While co-hosting the Music Awards ceremony, Gigi mimicked the iconic impressions of the first-lady-to-be i.e. Melania Trump. Though the audiences enjoyed and gave a high round of applause to this hidden talent of her. But later on, many of Trump’s lovers took to social media and back lashed Gigi Hadid for being disrespectful to Melania Trump.

    Taking things sportively, Gigi has just posted a hand-written apology on her twitter account in which she has explain the whole matter and also have apologized for the unintentional act. Here is what Gigi has to say,

    “I was honored to host the AMAs last night and to work with some of the most respected writers in the business,” Hadid wrote. “I removed or changed anything in the script that I felt took the joke too far, and whether or not you choose to see it, what remained was done in good humor and with no bad intent. I too have been the center of a nationally televised comedy skit that poked fun at my actions and was able to find the humor in it. I believe Melania understands show business and the way shows are written and run. I apologize to anyone that I offended and have only the best wishes for our country.”

    Gigi’s Apology Letter